There’s hope amidst the inevitably fated

During your deepest – darkest fall ,that fall is the greatest . In those dark days, there is an extreme abstruse . Entirely no trace of a single ray of hope and reliance . Characterized by despair and the loudest cry for saving . Astonishingly, dwindling every chance of faith and straying all the lightContinue reading “There’s hope amidst the inevitably fated”

When the silence gets quieter When the silence gets quieter, the silence gets louder . Who can make a sound out of the soundless ? Silence is peaceful only when you’re peaceful . The sound of each and every cracks pops out louder than a dynamite ,  that is how peaceful the silence can getContinue reading

Reflections of Depression ☆

A feeling of loneliness is nothing compared to a feeling of despair Lost in thoughts  Emotions fought Every sentiment cuffed races your thoughts The sound of a silent cry brings forth the painless wound of your woes Each sigh of relief refreshes the painless wound of a distorted heart Quietly, you’re claded  in dry tearsContinue reading “Reflections of Depression ☆”

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